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Lovely Skin Care Products

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Today's Market is packed with huge beauty products claiming to enhance your beauty,But almost 90% of products fail to do what they claims, After spending huge money we will be disappointed as the product did not fulfill our skin needs & some products may make skin more worse, Here are some useful tips to choose the right product for your skin.
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Skin Care Products:

Skin care products are divided in two categories , One is for medicinal purpose that is to clear acne or blemish recommended by dermatologist and Second is take care of your skin on daily skin to protect your skin harmful rays and pollution, To include in our daily routine of CTM, but most of them will not serve your purpose so, Below are the factors which should be considered to select right product for your Skin.

Chemicals or Cleaning agents:

All you may be wondering that cleaning agents in skin care products, Yes you are right, Cleaning agents is also called as surfactants and there are many chemicals which comes under surfactants.These chemicals are mostly used in household cleaning products, The chore of any surfactants is to clean and get rid of oil &dirt.Do you know these chemicals are used in may skin care products. The chemicals mostly used are Ammonium bromide, sodium lauryl sulfate,Potassium & etc.
The discussion made here is stay far away from these kind of products and choose a product with a natural ingredients contains our most favorite aloevera or life saver neem.
Nowadays most of the natural ingredients products are available which contains avacado oil,grapeseed oil,shea butter manuka honey etc.
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Water Factor:

Most of the skin care products today use water as one the main ingredient, The fact is the presence os water can actually hinder the skin from getting necessary nutrients,so make sure while choosing the product choose with less water quantity or no water.

Isopropyl Alcohol:

Isopropyl alcohol is also known as rubbing alcohol,and this is widely used in skincare products,and this very much usefull to kill skin bacteria especially for acne prone,but sad part of it may be very irritating to skin and also it will dry out the skin, It may be very difficult to find out alcohol in the ingredients list so here is a tip u can always see the ingriedient which ends with "OL" It means it contains some amount of alcohol.

These are following tips to select right and natural product for your Skin.

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