Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Avon Sun SPF 20 PA++ Smooth UV Gel{ Product Review }

Hello  Sweet Cheeks,

As I told Yesterday I will do my posts very, today I am going

to post about the hot summer demand product that

is SUNSCREENS, Sunscreen is the very Important part for us

 in summer we will never skip before going in to the hot sun, 

Sunscreen was introduced to me by one of my friend and she 

explained me the importance of it, so from that day I started

using sunscreens.



Also She Shared This Article:
You should apply sunscreen to your skin everyday before you step out of your house. It will make your skin smooth, soft and firm preserving it from getting dull, brittle and aged. Your skin will remain young and fresh while you enjoy all of your outdoor activities. Some of the sunscreens have moisture included in them which keeps your skin even more soft and gentle. Sunscreen can be used in all seasons, for every outdoor event. It is not something particular you have to apply.
You should apply sunscreen to your skin after properly washing your face and perspiration. Your skin needs to be cleansed and moisturized for routine work before getting protected. Mostly the recommended SPF for the skin is 15; it efficiently works on the skin in protecting from sun and ultraviolet rays. Determine your skin type and see what SPF sunscreen is supposed to show outcomes; if your skin is sensitive and irritable to chemical compounds, make sure you buy a simple or natural one to avoid allergic reactions. 

 About Product:

 Since I Joined Avon I am using this Sunscreen there is another Sunscreen available in Avon with SPF 40 but , I Prefer this because I feel light and moisturized with this one.

Packaging:  I love the Packaging because it comes in tube, easy and hygienic as well.

Avon Sun SPF 20 PA++ Smooth UV Gel
Price: 249 Rs for 30 Gms
Shelf Life: 3 Years

Ingredients: Sorry me Being Lazy Cannot type all ingredients,so uploaded pic here.

My Say About the product:

This Sunscreen is bit costly but worth a buy as it does it work properly, It Protects your Skin from Dangerous UV Rays, It Comes in a Light Creamy watery Texture as other Sunscreens Its not thick and does not make skin oily and also suitable for all skin types( Especially for oiles like me)
Also it has natural Ingredients like Aloevera and Hazel which is very beneficial for the skin, It does moisturize skin very well and leave it soft and supple, so It’s my HG Sunscreen.




1. Does what it claims.
2. Oil Free.
3. Suitable for all Skin Types.
4. Travel Friendly.
5.Not tested on animals.


1.Very Less Quantity for the Price.
2.Availability is a issue If not a Rep.
3.May Not Suit For Very Dry Skin.

Overall Rating:  3.5/5


Source: from my old blog


Natasha Bhatt said...

I find it a bit pricey.. honest review

Simran Shazia said...

@ Natasha Welcome to Lovely Skin Care For You...
yes i agree its bit pricey but it does its work properly:)

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