Wednesday, 2 April 2014

My Mini Haul

Hi Girls,

I am Back with a Quick a post or a Small post here.

So Today,I am Posting About My Recent Haul which will not be complete with out sharing now, as this blog has become part of my routine, Love to Share here everything.

So Here is My Mini Shopping

1. Hip Hop Facial Hair Removal Strips: 

Jut to remove upper Lip Hairs, ( I hate threading) Its a First Purchase will review soon

2. Lakme Perfect Radiance Intense 

     Whitening Day Cream.:

 I was Using Ponds white Beauty but SA Suggested me this ans Loving it..

3.Lakme Rose Powder:

 All Time Favorite and Pretty Cheap

4.Nature essence Aloevera Soap:

 First Purchase after reading Many Positive Reviews.

5.Vega Black Head remover:

 As I have a Super Oily Skin and which is the pain to Maintain Its a Must For Me.

  Last but not least.

6.Banjaras Dry Powders:

 I Just Love Dry powders...



Natasha Bhatt said...

Lovely haul dear :) i wanna get that pin too
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Simran Shazia said...

@Natasha thank u:)

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